Do It Yourself Wedding Centerpieces: Tips and Tricks for Success


It is absolutely true that do it yourself wedding centerpieces are some of the most brilliant and spectacular! However, you must make sure that they’re absolutely perfect for your upcoming wedding. Truthfully, you will need to go through an entire thought process, before you can actually confirm that you’ll be able to design and build your own wedding centerpiece. What do you need to know, before you move forward? Below, you will be able to find the answers to all of your questions.

Creativity: Do You Have It?

First and foremost, you need to be truthful with yourself. Are you the type of person that likes to go out on a whim and do something extraordinary? Are you a very imaginative individual? Although this trait might not serve you well in other areas, it certainly will, when it comes to designing your own wedding centerpiece. Some people have a create deal of creativity and some lack it terribly. Make sure that you’re within the first category. If you are not, you might wind up getting bored or running out of ideas, during the process.

Time For It

Second, you should remember that designing your very own centerpiece is going to be a little more time consuming. How much time is left, before the wedding? If you planned ahead, you will likely have plenty of time to get the job done. However, if you did not, you might want to reconsider your decision. Otherwise, you might want to stick with something simple, as this wouldn’t take so long to put together. Remember that putting together a do it yourself wedding centerpiece is going to be fun, but a little lengthy. Have fun with it, but make sure it gets done, before the wedding.

Set the Foundation

Before jumping into the various decorations, it is essential to build a good foundation. With a foundation solidly in place, you’ll have a much easier time moving forward. With this in mind, you will want to first set the basics. Your wedding theme is most important and should come first in this area. There are many different themes available and each is acceptable. Browse online and scour through books, until you find a theme that you like overall. After this has been completed, you will want to get the color scheme. A color scheme isn’t as complicated, but it will help you select all of your decorations.

Benefits of Doing it Yourself

If you’re interested in do it yourself wedding centerpieces, you should take the time to consider all of the benefits associated with doing it yourself. There is absolutely no denying that taking entire control over the situation is great. Below, you will be able to find more benefits of doing it yourself.

• Take Control – As mentioned above, taking full control is great. You have no one telling you that your way is wrong or awkward. Instead, you get to control each and every aspect of the centerpiece.
• Control the Price – When you do it yourself, you’re responsible for buying each decorative item of the centerpiece. Although you can make it more costly, you can also keep it cheap. This will help you stick with a budget and allow you to control the spending.
• Personality and Originality – Of course, the biggest benefits of doing it yourself are personality and originality. By doing it yourself, you get to put yourself and your personality into the centerpiece. At the same time, you can guarantee that the final product will be original!

Sure, taking on the extra responsibility can be difficult, but it is undoubtedly beneficial. As long as you have the time, patience and creativity, you should go for it! You will benefit tremendously and will get exactly what you’re after!

Simple Candle Centerpiece

There are many different ways to use candles in your wedding and you should definitely use them! They’re capable of adding beautiful and light to your venue. Of course, you should definitely use them for your do it yourself wedding centerpiece. With these nice little candles, you can create something unique, beautiful and entirely simple! Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more lavish, you can always incorporate this idea into something bigger!

When taking this route, you need very few items, but you can always add your own into the arrangement. First, you’ll want to get some beautiful candles. Although the colors do not matter, you should make sure that they all match. On the other hand, you should get some clear candle vases to keep everything safe! Once you’ve gotten the items, you can easily lay everything out. This will create a beautiful step-like centerpiece full of candles.

Floating Candle Centerpiece

A candle flame in the wind is very memorizing and it can alter the atmosphere better than anything else imaginable. The floating candle centerpiece will have the same effect on your wedding, when it is sitting on your reception tables. There are many ways that you can create this type of centerpiece, but whatever DIY plans you choose, you will be surprised with how simple the project truly is and you can complete it within a matter of 15 minutes or less.

You will need tall cylinder vases for this project along with flowers, 4mm acrylic diamond confetti, tap water or water gel, and a floating candle. Once you collect your supplies, you should go ahead and mix the water gel, per the package directions, but be sure to make the consistency extremely thin with a watery appearance. Measure 2 cups of acrylic diamonds and pour them into the bottom of the vase, then pour in the water or water gel, but avoid filling more than 4” from the top, so you can place the other items into the vase, without it spilling over.

Cut off one flower bloom and place it into the center of the water gel, but avoid allowing it to touch the confetti, because you want it to appear, as if it is floating. Place the candle on top of the water gel and your floating candle centerpiece is now complete. You can replicate this DIY plan, by using an array of cylinder vases of different sizes. Place flowers around them, so they appear to be nestled amid a flower garden.

Spray it And Go

One of the simplest do it yourself wedding centerpieces can actually be made with items sitting around your home! All you need to do is grab yourself some spray paint and some old cans or bottles. Make sure that you get yourself some attractive bottles and vases, which feature awkward, unique shapes. You’ll want to take these outside and make sure that they’re fairly clean, before you begin. Once this is done, you can easily use the spray paint to make these boring, ordinary items into extraordinary wedding centerpieces.

Remember to add some flowers to your new vases and toss them onto your table! Although an assortment of different colors will work, gray and silver spray paint is typically the best.

Candy Centerpieces

Remember that the best centerpieces are those that actually attract your guests. Nothing is better than candy! Your guests will be eager to get their hands on some Hershey Kisses or M&Ms! Therefore, you should get some beautiful vases and fill them with candies. Once this is finished, the bowls or vases can be added to the center of the table! Your guests will be so caught up in the candy that they’ll completely ignore the fact that your centerpiece isn’t massive or enormous. Make sure that you put together an assortment of different candy options to give alternatives and a small selection. This will ensure that everyone is able to find something that they like!


If you’re thinking about designing do it yourself wedding centerpieces, you should go for it! Doing so is very beneficial and you’ll ultimately create something unique, attractive and awe-inspiring.

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