Candy Buffet Information For Weddings


Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to spice up your wedding, while impressing and satisfying your guests? If this is the case, you will definitely want to consider putting together a candy buffet! Although this type of arrangement might not be great for all weddings, it is a wonderful choice for many couples. With this type of buffet, you will be able to keep your guests full and happy, until the full course meal arrives. Within this guide, you will learn all about this type arrangement.

Judge Your Guests and Wedding

Although this type of favor is a wonderful choice for many, it is vital to judge your guests and wedding, in order to determine, whether or not it is right for your specific circumstances. What type of people are your guests? Are they the type of individuals that will absolutely love and adore candy? If these individuals aren’t big fans of candy, you should consider staying away from this type of display.

Also, you will want to consider your wedding’s formality. If you plan on hosting the most formal wedding possible, it is likely that this type of buffet isn’t going to fit the mold. Instead, you will want to opt for something a little different. However, if you’re planning a casual wedding, this is a wonderful choice!

Choosing An Assortment

When attempting to put together a candy buffet for your wedding, it is absolutely essential to make sure that your choice is going to please everyone. Since this is tremendously difficult to do, you might want to consider making more than one choice. Instead of selecting a single type of candy, you will want to choose several and mix it up. Although it is a good idea to stick with similar colors, it is essential to make sure that everyone will be pleased.

You may also want to choose an alternative, so that those who don’t enjoy candy will have something to snack on.

Delicious Sweets

Everyone loves sweets, because they make the salivary glands work overtime. If you are having a wedding or bridal shower, you should definitely consider having a candy buffet. This will be a great place for everyone to gather and grab a tasty treat after the main course. Kids will surely enjoy this area and you may have to limit their takes, since sweets may cause them to get a tummy ache.

Utilizing an array of vases will be necessary for this display and be sure to fill them with all sorts of candies. Make sure that you select candies that are similar in color. For instance, you should select chocolates that are wrapped in blue colored foil, blue and white candy sticks, blue mints, and blue suckers. Now this is not to say that you cannot add some white into the mixture, since it will be necessary to balance out the tints and hues.

The Right Containers

In order to put together a nice buffet, you will want to make sure that you work hard to choose the right containers. Obviously, all of your candy needs to be stored in some type of container. In this specific category, you shouldn’t feel obligated to spend excessively. Instead, you might want to consider choosing affordable containers! Although it is acceptable to splurge, this isn’t necessary, because the candy itself will distract your guests from the appearance of the containers. However, you should ensure that the containers match the style and color of your wedding.

Candy Table

If you choose to utilize a candy buffet in your wedding, you will need to display your sweets on a table. The candy table should be placed in an area that is located in a convenient area in the reception venue. Be sure to plan ahead, because you will want your candy table to be enticing and delicious looking.

A white buffet candy table will surely work well for any wedding. Of course, you will need to collect a variety of candy jars, vases, and bowls for this display. Fill them with candy sticks, chewy caramels, jelly beans, taffy, and malt balls, but make sure that they are all of the same color.

It never hurts to envelop a large floral arrangement into the display, as well. Add a couple of framed photos, so everyone will be reminded of the couple, when they are selecting their treats. If you select to take advantage of the candy table, you may be able to omit the wedding favors, which will save you lots of money.

Using Cheaper Filler Candy

It is absolutely vital to make sure that you purchase expensive candies that are going to be delicious and fulfilling. Of course, you should make sure that you also work to save money. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase cheaper candies, which can be used as filler. By purchasing cheaper candies, you will have more to play around with. This will give you the ability to ensure that your buffet table is completely covered with beautiful candies! At the same time, you will be increasing the options your guests will be able to choose from.

Decorating the Vases

If you want your candy buffet to draw attention, you should consider decorating the vases. You can utilize 3-4” metallic or diamond mesh rhinestone ribbon. Be sure to select a variety of different sized vases for your display, because this will balance everything out better.

Use a hot glue gun to attach the rhinestone ribbon onto the vases. You can place it around the top rim of the vase or the center, whichever suits your preferences the best. If you choose to wrap the ribbon around the center of the vase, you should fill the bottom of the vase with pink round mints and all the way up to the bottom edge of the ribbon, then stick pink and white swirled suckers down into the mints. This will offer your guests two different treats to select from.

Decorate With Pictures

Although the candy is the heart and soul of this type of arrangement, it is also important to make sure that you decorate the area around the candy. There is an assortment of different items that can be used to beautify your candy table. Of course, you will also want to make sure to use pictures! Pictures can work exceptionally well and make the display even more personal. Using pictures of the bride and groom, as well as pictures of their family members, is a wonderful choice!

Other Items To Add

It should be known that you can add an assortment of different items to your wedding’s candy table! Although the candy is the most important aspect, it is also possible to use the table for other purposes. Below, you will find an assortment of different items to consider adding to your wedding’s candy table!

• Your wedding cake
• Cookies, cakes and other desserts
• A punch bowl
• Fruits and other treats
• Wedding guest book

All of these items can add to your tables and make them more beautiful and useful! Be sure to consider using an assortment or combination that best suits your wedding.

Self-Serve Candy Buffet

If you truly want to offer your guests a sweet treat, you should consider the self-serve candy buffet. Setting up the buffet will surely be fun, but do not fall for the temptations, because you will still need to fit into that beautiful wedding gown.

You will need to collect a variety of items for this display including:

• 36” Round glass table top or mirror
• A variety of clear glass cylinder vases
• Candy scoops
• Small white candy bags
• Variety of candies (licorice sticks, heart mints, chocolate covered almonds, jelly bellies)
There are no rules set in stone, when it comes to selecting candies for the buffet, but many couples try to stick to the traditional sweets. Arrange the largest vase and several different sized vases on the table top. You can either place the scoops in the vases or hang them from a cloth ribbon and attach them to the lid. Place the bags, where they will be easy to access, so your guests can easily fill their bag and move along, so others can follow in sequence.


Overall, there are several different ways to put together a beautiful and delicious candy buffet for your wedding. Be sure that everyone will have a choice and that everyone will be satisfied. By doing this, you will be able to ensure that everyone has a great time at your wedding and that all of the candy is devoured, before the event has ended. With the information provided to you above, you should be able to do that, without a problem!