Cake Pops: Ideas And The Best Treats


When it comes to hosting a wedding, many couples always fret over the wedding cake, but this does not have to be the case because you can substitute the wedding cake for cake pops instead. Have you ever tried a cake pop? They are completely unique and just as delicious. These little items can be dressed up to be as beautiful as a wedding cake. There are lots of different options that you have to choose from. The best part is that you can even make these cake pops yourself if you choose to do so. However, you should know that this could take quite a bit of time and if you do not have any baking experience, it might take some practice to get the results that you are looking for. Below you will learn some more information about cake pops.


If you plan on making your own cake pops, you are going to have to be organized and plan ahead. You do not want to wait until the last day to prepare all of your ingredients. It is probably a good idea to start by cleaning out your fridge to prepare for the journey ahead. You are also going to need to know how many cake pops you are going to need ahead of time and remember that it will never hurt to have extra, because you can always take them home with you after the event. Make a list of all of the ingredients that you are going to need.

If you have never done anything like this before, then you are probably going to need to make a test run. Make some samples and try them out, because they may not turn out the way you think they will. Do not get discouraged if your cake pops don’t turn out right on the first attempt, because as long as you have allowed enough time you will be able to perfect the process.

Making Your Own Cake Pops

Here are some instructions that will help you make your own wedding cake pops.

The first thing you want to do is bake your favorite cake mix. There will be directions listed on the back of the cake mix box that will instruct you on how to do this, if you have never done it before. After the cake is baked you want to remove it from the oven and let it cool off.

Once the cake is cool you want to remove it from the pan and remove the crust with a knife. After the crust is removed, it is time to crumble the cake into a large mixing bowl. It is now time to mix in your frosting. The amount of frosting will depend on how sweet you want your cake pops. You can use anywhere from ½ to a full can of frosting. You want to mix the cake and frosting until you get a texture that looks like a brownie texture.

After the cake and frosting is mixed properly you will want to scoop out a spoonful of the mixture and roll it into balls. You will want to place the balls on a cookie sheet. Once the cookie sheet is completely full you want to place it in the freezer. You should leave the balls in the freezer for around 30 minutes or until the cake hardens.

While the cake pops are in the freezer, you can take this time to prepare your chocolate. There are several different ways to prepare the chocolate, but this is the easiest way. Place the chocolate into a microwavable bowl and get the microwave for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds has expired remove the bowl of chocolate, stir it, and place it place in the microwave for another 30 seconds. You will want to continue this process until the chocolate is fully melted. After the chocolate is melted, you want to pour it into a tall container for dipping purposes.

You should now be ready to remove the cake pops from the freezer. After they are out of the freezer, you are ready to insert the lollipop sticks into each cake pop ball. Insert the stick firmly until it is completely submerged in the ball. You now want to dip the balls into your melted chocolate. Be careful with this step, because once you remove the ball from the chocolate there will be lots of chocolate dripping from the ball and you do not want to make a mess. Now you want to set to chocolate dipped cake pop ball back onto the cookie sheet to dry.

When the chocolate is dry you are ready to decorate the cake pop with royal icing. There are tons of different ways that you can decorate them. When it comes down to it the decision is yours. Just remember that you probably want to choose something that is going to tie back into the main theme of your wedding. A piping bag with a metal tip is idea for decorating the cake pops, but if you do not have these items you can just cut a small hole in the bag.

Other Cake Pop Ideas

Cake pop does not always have to be used as balls they can be designed into anything if you are creative enough to make them. For instance, you can even shape your cake pop into the shape of a wedding dress. Of course, this process would take quite a bit of practice to perfect, but do not be afraid to try it out. You might find that you are quite good at it. These items would be perfect for a wedding or a bridal shower.


As you can see there are lots of things to take into account, when you want to make your own wedding cake pops. However, you should know that you do not have to choose to make your own you can always purchase these items from a baker. This would probably be much easier for you, but might cost you more money in the long run. If you do choose to buy from a baker you want to make sure that you do some research and choose one that is reputable. Just about any reputable baker will have a website where you can read other customer testimonials.